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WhatsApp recently updated its privacy policy, and the contents of the update have caused worldwide panic among WhatsApp users as the policy states that WhatsApp is now the owner of all user data, meaning that the user has no control over how their data is being shared.

The most important implication of this update is that users who are uncomfortable with the new arrangement have to quit WhatsApp on or before February 8th, 2021.

WhatsApp has insisted that this update will not infringe on user rights or relate the information outside the Family – Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook, but if you are unsure about using WhatsApp, here are some alternative applications that you can reach friends on:

7 Messaging apps that respect your privacy

Telegram – ranked 4th on the list of most secure messaging applications, but is more popular among the most secure.

Threema – With almost 5 million active users, its best security feature is that messages permanently delete immediately after viewing.

Signal Private Messenger - ranks no 1 on the list of most secure applications, with only about 2 million active users.

Wire – with end to end encryption, it is the second most secure messaging app. It has less than a million users

Wickr – This app is known for its security as it has a self-destruct messages feature. It has several paid plans, each plan’s cost varying on the features it provides

Viber – having over 1 billion active users, it ranks in the top 10 of safe applications.

Silence – ranking 10th on the list of secure apps, its major feature is that it can be used without internet connection.

If you however want to continue using WhatsApp for communication, here are some helpful tips to ensure you remain secure.

5 Other ways to maintain your online privacy

Avoid Oversharing – while communicating with new people, it is important to refrain from sharing personal information such as house address, credit card information, etc.

VPNs – You must protect yourself and your information while on the internet. To do that, you have to download a VPN app that will encrypt your connection.

Using Secure Browsers – since WhatsApp has a web mode, you can communicate with friends and family by using browsers like Brave and Chromium that do not retain any of the user’s online activity and block other sites from doing so.

Avoid Public Connections – abstain from using public connections without anti-virus on your device as hackers use them to gain access to people’s information.

Use Alerts – it is impossible to monitor all sites where your privacy may be in danger, so if you use Google, turn on Google alerts and set how often you want to receive them.


Statistics show that WhatsApp has the most number of active users, given its many luxurious features. If you are not looking to quit WhatsApp, the above tips will be useful for you.

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