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Online travel program will be discussed at Travel Expo

[Chicago, Illinois]: Steppin’ Out Adventures is pleased to be part of WTN’s Travel Network Launch and Expo on Monday, Dec. 7. The expo will be focusing on Rebuilding Travel during the Pandemic. As part of the solution, Steppin’ Out will be highlighting its program - World Wonders Up Close and Personal: Solutions for Vulnerable Communities.

“Steppin’ Out Adventures has always focused its adventures on getting to know the local people. Now that we see that many of the tourist-based communities we work with are having a hard time, we thought this program was a good idea to help generate revenue for them. Our program takes people to exotic locations where they can have an interactive experience with the people who live there, “ explained Robin Richman, Director of Steppin’ Out Adventures.

This is an amazing opportunity to help local tourism during the pandemic since the travel industry has come to a halt in many countries. Travelers are craving to travel to discover, learn and expand their world again and are itching for something different, so Steppin’ Out is trying to help these people make meaningful connections with communities around the world by bringing those on-tour experiences to their homes.

During the WTN Launch and Expo, Richman will host a panel discussion with some of the hosts from the program. The panelists will be from Rwanda, Bhutan, Tanzania, Peru, and South Africa and each of them will talk about how COVID has affected not only the tourism in those places, but also the communities that depend on it, and the solutions to help those communities.

We encourage anyone interested in sharing this information with their audience to join the WTN event at www.wtn.trave/expo or contact us for a copy of the recorded session. “We hope the people who see this panel will help spread the word about the program we are launching to help those communities,” mentioned Robin.

Steppin’ Out’s Virtual Travel Experiences will launch on Dec. 27, 2020, and some of the destinations include Rwanda, Peru, Tanzania, and South Africa, among others. For more information on these events and how to sign up for them, access or contact Robin at

The Travel Network Launch and Expo events have been formulated by the World Tourism Network (WTN) as an effort to have travel specialists to talk about the current travel scenario. The events will happen from Tuesday, Dec. 1 and will extend until Saturday, Dec. 19 with panels and presentations covering a variety of topics in the travel industry. As the world adapts to the challenges brought by COVID-19.

About Steppin’ Out Adventures: Steppin’ Out Adventures is a 26-year-old boutique travel company dedicated to creating a community of people with a thirst for connection and adventure - whether it may be in person or virtual events. We travel all over the world and are now bringing our 16,000+ people community around the world to our online programs.

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